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LoanFirst Preapproval
The First Step on Your Home Buying Journey

LoanFirstSM Preapproval

At McLean Mortgage, we offer our exclusive LoanFirstSM Preapproval to ease the stress of home buying and give you the upper hand when presenting your offer. A LoanFirstSM provides you with a underwritten preapproval certificate, so you can get to shopping for your dream home without the worry of not knowing what you can afford. Whether you are purchasing your first home, trading up or obtaining an investment property – you want to make sure you acquire the home you want at a competitive price and the transaction goes smoothly.

Get an Edge on the Home Buying Competition

McLean offers the exclusive LoanFirstSM Preapproval Program. Through LoanFirstSM we are able to underwrite your complete credit package and issue a LoanFirstSM Preapproval Certificate before you purchase a home. By letting us go to work for you while you are shopping for a home, we are able to:

Negotiating Power

Differentiate yourself from other bidders with a contract presentation that is accompanied by a LoanFirstSM Preapproval Certificate.

Take the Guesswork Out of Shopping

You will know exactly which homes that you will qualify for as you shop with confidence.

Eliminate Roadblocks

The process will be stress free because we can work on any issues before the transaction is consummated.

Close More Quickly

The time period from contract time to closing will be shorter, giving you an advantage over other bidders for your dream home.

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