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The Most Important Purchase Advice – Ever

The Most Important Purchase Advice – Ever
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The Most Important Purchase Advice – Ever

Purchasing a home or refinancing represents a very important event for the average American. A home represents their most important investment and more significantly — safety, security and stability for one’s family.

The process can be daunting, especially for those purchasing their first home. The paperwork can be overwhelming. Yet you want to make sure that your closing is a relaxing and celebratory experience instead of a stressful event. That is why we are about to give you the most important advice you will ever receive with regard to the real estate process.

What is that advice? Don’t close your transaction during the last week of the month. This week is the week that the vast majority of real estate settlements take place. For some reason many of the service personnel involved in the process believe that the buyer will be lowering their costs by closing that week, but this is just not so.

In reality, closing at the end of the month means that all those who are serving you are rushed — from the real estate agent to the mortgage lender to the settlement company. Such an important transaction should not be rushed. Everyone should be relaxed so that they can give you the time to review papers, ask questions and make any adjustments which are necessary.

Fitting the closing in with a multitude of other settlements that day actually will raise the chances of errors being made and everyone involved being more stressed. Want to relax and celebrate your closing? Close at the beginning or middle of the month. Again, the costs are not any higher out of pocket when you close at the beginning of the month. And if you close in the middle of the month, the first mortgage payment is not due until approximately 45 days later.

So take our advice and enjoy a relaxed celebration!